活动详情/Conference Introduction

请注意 / Please Pay Attention

⭐ 第二天的培训不接受审核公司和咨询公司报名 / Day 2 is only available for buyer and supplier company

⭐ 本次活动仅支持银行转账付款方式 / The conference only supports bank transfer payment method

⭐ 我们在会议举办地的珀尔曼酒店为有意向入住该酒店的参会人员提供预订优惠价,价格如下:

      We prepared a favorable accommodation price for you in the hotel held by the conference, as follows:


      Superior King Room:CNY950net per room per night, include 1 breakfast


      Superior Twin Room:CNY1050net per room per night, include 2 breakfasts


      Deluxe King Room:CNY1050net per room per night, include 1 buffet breakfast


      Deluxe Twin Room:CNY1150net per room per night, include 2 breakfasts


      Please fill in the above form and return to hotel as soon as possible, in order to book your requested room type. The final room type confirmation will be based on hotel’s confirmation letter. 

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活动日程(暂定)/Agenda (TBC)

2019-05-21 08:00 ~09:00

Registration & Exhibition

2019-05-21 09:00 ~09:10

Welcome & Introduction

2019-05-21 09:10 ~09:40
Sedex 未来发展战略更新

Sedex Development Strategy Update

2019-05-21 09:40 ~10:00

Promoting decent work in global supply chains

2019-05-21 10:00 ~10:20
飞利浦 - 供应商可持续发展:从暂时的合规到持久的合作提升

Philips Supplier Sustainability Performance: From transactional compliance to collaborative improvement 

2019-05-21 10:20 ~10:50

Tea Break & Networking

2019-05-21 10:50 ~11:10
国家电网 - 打造绿色供应链 推动绿色产业制造

State Grid Corporation of China : Building a green supply chain to promote green manufacturing

2019-05-21 11:10 ~11:40
讨论与对话:履行SDGs - 国内外品牌的实践

Panel Discusstion : Implement SDGs - Brand practice at domestic and overseas 

2019-05-21 11:40 ~12:00

Interaction & Questions

2019-05-21 12:00 ~13:30

Lunch Time

2019-05-21 13:40 ~15:30
下午主会场议程/Afternoon main session agenda

中国合成树脂供销协会 - 全球循环经济的回顾与展望 

China Plastics Reuse and Recycling Assoication

: Review and prospect of global recycling economy 

AptarGroup - 一个塑料瓶的生命之旅 

AptarGroup:A life journey of a plastic bottle 

中国企业 - 垃圾的再生

China corperation: Waste recycling


Panel Discussion:Practice responsible consumption and production

2019-05-21 13:40 ~15:30
下午分会场议程/Afternoon breakout session agenda


Breakout session opening speech


The road of future CSR 


The needs of stakeholders 


Take a fresh look at CSR 


Panel Discussion: How buyers help suppliers promoting sustainable development

2019-05-21 15:30 ~16:00

Tea Break & Exhibition

2019-05-21 16:00 ~16:10

Summary of main/breakout session

2019-05-21 16:10 ~16:40
回顾与展望:中国纺织工业联合会 - 中国负责任供应链这15年

Review & Prospects: CNTAC: 15 years of China responsible supply chains

2019-05-21 16:40 ~17:00

Wrap Up & Thanks

2019-05-21 17:00 ~17:15

'Responsible People' session

2019-05-21 17:15 ~17:30

Lucky Draw & Networking

2019-05-22 08:30 ~09:00

Welcome & Registration

2019-05-22 09:00 ~10:30
SMETA 6.1及Sedex产品与服务更新

SMETA 6.1 introduction & Sedex new tools and services update

2019-05-22 10:30 ~11:00

Tea Break & Networking

2019-05-22 11:00 ~12:30

Common issues and best practices of employer-employee relationship

2019-05-22 12:30 ~14:00

Lunch Time

2019-05-22 14:00 ~15:30
职业健康安全的案例和法律法规解读 (上)

Case study & interpretation of laws and regulations of OHS (Ⅰ)

2019-05-22 15:30 ~16:00

Tea Break & Networking

2019-05-22 16:00 ~17:00

Case study & interpretation of laws and regulations of OHS (Ⅱ)

2019-05-22 17:00 ~17:10

Thanks & Ending

演讲嘉宾(持续更新)/ Speakers (TBC)

Steven Esom
Sedex, 董事会主席/Chair of the Board
Steven是多家面向用户企业的董事会成员,并同时兼任多家企业董事会主席,经验十分丰富。他目前担任董事的公司包括Cranswick Plc、The Rank Group、Advantage Travel Partnership、英国零售协会和GB Boxing(负责培养有潜力获得奥运奖牌的拳击手)。他的零售行业履历包括英国马莎百货食品部执行总监。在此之前,他曾于2003年任Waitrose百货常务董事,通过两项重大收购迅速的拓展了业务,并成功带领Waitrose重新定位为英国生鲜食品领先零售商。他最初在1995年加入John Lewis Partnership,任职Waitrose采购总监。加入该集团之前,Steven在英国Sainsbury’s超市连锁任职。 Steven is an experienced board member of consumer-facing businesses and chairs a number of boards. His current directorships include Cranswick Plc, The Rank Group, Advantage Travel Partnership, British Retailing Consortium and GB Boxing responsible for developing the Olympic medal potential boxers. His retail career included Executive Director at Marks & Spencer responsible for food. Prior to that, he was Managing Director of Waitrose from 2003, rapidly expanding the business with two major acquisitions and leading the successful re-positioning of Waitrose as a national fresh food lead retailer, after initially joining the John Lewis Partnership as Waitrose’s Director of Buying in 1995. Before joining the Partnership, Steven spent most of his career at Sainsbury’s in commercial roles.
Simon McCalla
Sedex, 首席执行官/CEO
Simon 是一位杰出的商界领袖,他在零售、基础设施和供应链技术方面拥有超过25年的经验。他帮助建立了一个受国际社会、政策制定者和执法部门认可的非营利性会员制企业。Simon 对更绿色、更公平的经济有着强烈的信仰,对建立公益和道德的企业及组织有着由衷的热情,这些驱使他从事自己热爱的事业。 Simon has 25 years of experience working in retail, infrastructure and supply-chain technology leadership roles. He has helped to build a not-for-profit, membership business trusted by the international community, policy makers and law enforcement. Simon’s strong belief for a greener, fairer economy and passion for businesses and organisations with a public-benefit and ethical heart has driven him in his professional and voluntary roles.
Barry Marshall
Sedex, 首席财务&运营官/CFO&COO
Barry于2017年加入Sedex。1990年,他成为特许管理会计师公会的成员。之后,Barry就获得了很多不同行业的经验。他在酒店业、制造业、销售和经销领域工作过,并且在服装零售行业工作了近16年。在服装零售行业工作期间,他的工作由纯财务领域发展为包含多个不同的商业领域。此外,他还曾担任过一家鞋业零售巨头的国际部总经理。 Barry joined Sedex in 2017. He qualified as a Member of The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in 1990. Since then, Barry has gained broad experience within different industries. He has worked in the hospitality industry, manufacturing, sales and distribution, and has most recently spent 16 years within fashion retailing. During this last period his role envolved from being purely finance-focused, to cover all aspects of the business. For a period was also MD of the International Division of a leading footwear retailer.
张治海/Zhihai Zhang
皇家飞利浦公司/Royal Philips, 全球供应商可持续发展总监/Director of Global Supplier Sustainability Office
张治海博士任荷兰皇家飞利浦公司全球供应商可持续发展总监。在加入飞利浦之前,张治海曾在中国政府部门从事技术和质量管理工作,1993年赴日本学习全面质量管理、标准化和精益生产。1995至2000年间,张治海赴荷兰格罗宁根大学管理学院学习管理科学,从事质量管理方面的研究工作,并获得管理学博士学位。2001年,张治海在飞利浦半导体公司荷兰工厂(恩智浦)任质量经理。2005年,在飞利浦照明中国采购部和飞利浦照明电子亚太区任质量总监。从2009年至今,负责飞利浦全球供应商可持续发展,在此期间(共计3年),兼任飞利浦中国区可持续发展总监。张治海在国外期刊上,发表了10多篇学术文章。 Dr. Zhihai Zhang is Director of Global Supplier Sustainability Office of Royal Philips. Over the past two decades of his career, he worked in a number of organizations. After he obtained a Master degree of engineering in China, he served as a public servant in a local Chinese governmental agency. In 1993, he went to Japan to study total quality management, standardization and lean operations. Between 1995 and 2000, he studied management sciences in the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and obtained a Ph.D. Degree in management sciences. In 2001, he joined in Philips Semiconductors Nijmegen in the Netherlands as Quality Manager. In 2005, he worked in Philips Lighting China as Quality Director. Since 2009, he has been working in Philips Global Supplier Sustainability Office to drive suppliers to improve their sustainability performance. On the top of his supplier sustainability role, he was Corporate Sustainability Director for Philips Greater China for 3 years. He published more than 10 articles in international journals.
  • 中国 上海 徐汇区
  • 上海市徐汇区浦北路1号中星铂尔曼大酒店

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