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Digitalization of Industries 4.0 community

kick-start event

To encourage the growth of the digitalization of factories, an active community organization is being created: “Digitalization of Industries 4.0” (ID4). The community gathers corporations and startups. Based on regular events, the community will present their latest projects, encourage networking, discuss new topics, and keep everyone updated on the latest trends.

For the community’s launch, a free kick-off event is being organized.


 Mike Hall (Director of Product Development of Baseline China) 

Mike will tell us how to use IOT and IOH to drive peak performance in Retail, Cold Chain and Manufacturing, and generate millions of RMB in savings along the way. He will also tell us his idea on how to integrate AR in this process.

Baseline China ensures peak operating performance for retailers and cold chain operators in China. By fusing together big data from commercial equipment, IOT devices and sensors, and staff actions (Internet Of Humans), they have directly saved their customers hundreds of millions of RMB in operating costs and generated increased sales through improved customer experience.  www.baselinechina.com

 Sean Zhou (founder & CEO of ATLAS A.I) 

Sean will tell us that on average, it takes about 15-20 minutes to find an empty parking space when you arrive at a popular shopping mall during peaks. How can we get rid of the hassle locating a parking space? ATLAS AI will show you their AR parking solution and challenges they are facing.

ATLAS A.I. develops IoT and AI solutions that analyse the operator behaviour for Heavy Machinery Off-Road (HMOR), e.g. excavators, in order to reduce accidents on construction sites, as well as delivering smart solutions for pre-emptive maintenance and downtime prevention.


Pierre Angot (CEO or Kurnup) 

Pierre will explain that through real life use cases running in Europe,  AI and IOT can solve major challenges in factories. For example, IoT can reduce downtime of air treatment machines in the pharmaceutical industry.

Kurnup is a predictive maintenance solution for factories. Simply stick a Kurnup sensor to any machine and the system is ready to start. There is no need for complicated installation, cords or electricity. The battery inside the sensor will allow the product to keep running uninterrupted for 5 years.

 Joe 许钰 (CTO at MACR)

Joe will talk about the development and popularization of 5G technology, the transmission puzzle of high-definition video streaming has been solved. We conceived several AR/VR applications for tourist attractions or museums. It is characterized by mature technology, easy popularization, and novel experiences.


MACR is a creative driven company, fully focused on the interactive showcase and digital performance/event for over 10 years. Their performance covered the area of the showroom, graphic, website, UI&UX, 3D animation, software development, system integration, filming and new interactive media.

Romain Dessain-Gelinet (CEO of Rocket&AR)

Romain will tell us about augmented reality for data generation. Immersive technologies are mostly used to instruct, help or provide information. What if it was used to GET information? Their product analyzes users’ information from their interaction in the XR environment for sales and communication purposes

Rocket&AR gives businesses access to B2B Sales with Augmented Reality experiences, generating

data for their showrooms, exhibitions and in the field sales to engage target and customize content while reducing their processing costs through virtualization and automation.

Mr Tu (CEO of Shanghai One Vision Digital Technology)

Mr Tu will talk about the operation and control of automated industrial assembly lines using VR.

Shanghai One Vision Digital Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading provider of overall digital vision solutions using VR/AR/MR technology. They provide varied and extensive services with their creative digital vision solution including for architectural design, city planning, company digital operation, exhibitions, as well as education and training. www.17vision.com

Corrado Licata (director of IOMES Group) 

Corrado will talk about how IIoT is reshaping heavy industry, with typical examples in mining, water services, cement manufacturing, steel, etc. and the impact and benefits on operations, safety, costs, asset monitoring, machine problem identification, maintenance, uptime, productivity, revenues, etc.

IOMES Group provides expert services to maximize profit by enhancing the performance of industrial operations. Since November 2018, IOMES Group is Silver partner of Siemens MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens that connects your products, plants, systems, and machines, enabling you to harness the wealth of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) with advanced analytics. www.iomesgroup.com

Fei Gao 高飞 (CEO of Allgsight)

Fei Gao will talk about how the AR glasses will be used for industrial remote assistance. Most manufacturers need technical support from equipment vendors, particularly at the machine installation stage or when the mechanical problems occur.

Allgsight, based in Suzhou, China, focuses on AR glasses hardware, AR algorithms and 3D design models. In the industry, Allgsight can provide end to end solutions, such as AR remote assistance and AR on-site inspection. www.allgsight.com

 Terri Tu  (Co-founder & COO of Sightplus (EasyAR)

Terri will introduce how to use EasyAR in the industrial field for AR training, equipment operation guidance and equipment data visualization monitoring.

Sightplus is a world-leading AR open platform company. EasyAR, a brand of Sightplus, is the largest AR technology platform in China, with more than 100,000 developers all over the world. Sightplus is committed to promoting the application of AR technology innovation and facilitating the digital transformation of enterprises. Sightplus covering banking, finance, automobile, smart tourism, retail, advertising, education, games, manufacturing, and other industries.

www.sightp.com  www.easyar.com

Liu Hao 刘浩 (Senior manager of Shadow Creator) 

Liu Hao will explain the existing and upcoming functionalities of their smart glasses.

Shadow Creator is a company mass producing MR glasses in China.


 Carl White (CEO at Meshicon Software) 

Carl will talk about the state of AR /VR in the field of Industry 4.0 in Europe giving examples of use-cases and tools currently available.

Meshicon Software is a Berlin-based startup developing AR applications for the HoloLens in the field of smart factories. Their products have been adopted by a variety of sectors including pharmaceuticals and automotive manufacturing, helping machine operators, engineers and factories to save valuable time and money. www.meshicon.com

 Pitching videos (3 minutes videos):

    a. Visualix – an award-winning Berlin-based computer vision company, enabling patent-pending robust centimeter-precise mapping and localization at scale with commonly used smartphones. - www.visualix.com

    b. Resado German IoT Cyber Security, a new technology ensuring end-to-end sustainable and secure  IoT devices.

    c. LexSet – Los Angeles based startup working on agile computer vision solutions enabled through synthetic data. www.lexset.ai

*Each speaker will give us a 15-minute presentation.



Shanghai Qingpuqu zhuguanglu hongqiaoshijie zhongxin L3-B zhuang 2F


15th of August 2019.

14h00 to 18h00.

Organized by:

Meshicon Software, VRCORE, InnoBridge and Greenroot Development

Hosted by:

Jiashan International Innovation Center (JSIIC)

Media partners:

MIA (Shanghai media association), CodeBunker, Crows Nest, Integrate Chinese Life (ICL), IoT One, SVVR

Anyone related to the industry is welcome to join.

See you on Thursday!

The ID4 community.


Meshicon Software

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Date Time

2019-08-15 14:00 - Start

2019-08-15 18:00 - End

  • 中国 上海 青浦区
  • 上海市青浦区诸光路虹桥世界中心L3-B幢2F