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Customizable Event Website

EventDove makes it easy for you to create an event website that is not only free, but also customizable with various features, modules, and additional pages.

  • Choose from various skins and modules
  • Built-in optimization for different screen sizes and smartphones
  • Create and add content easily to a modular website
  • Seamless integration with ticket sales and registration
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Multi-Channel Marketing System

EventDove provides you with a variety of promotional methods to make the most of social networks, e-mail campaigns, and ticket widgets to efficiently market your event. We help you not only reach a wider audience, but also raise your event’s profile.

Social media marketing

EventDove helps you utilize your social networks to effectively promote your event at low cost.


Invite potential attendees with our many tools.

EventDove gives you the tools to import contacts, send e-mail or SMS messages, and much more. We help you send targeted invitations to individuals and groups alike.


Embed ticket widget into websites

The ticket widget makes it easier for your attendees to register for your event.


Fast, safe, and reliable integrated online payment system collects money in real-time

Personalized name badges for your events, exhibitions, and activities

Create personalized, high-end, smartbadges for your conference of any size. Put as much or as little information on our smartbadges for easy digital exchange. Never fumble for your business card again!

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EventDove App: Your event on-the-go

Our latest version includes many new functions, including event activity differentiation, integrated social platform interfaces, subscription capability, microblogging, and Bump check-in.

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