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Startup Grind is a community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. From its birthplace in California Startup Grind has grown to more than 60 chapters globally, creating local ecosystems to nurture startups and global networks to fuel the spread of ideas and relationships.

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Startup Grind Hosts Chieh Huang (Boxed) and Derek Andersen (Startup Grind)

Date : 2015-10-23 ~ 2015-10-23

Location : 上海.卢湾区.中山南路1029号幸福码头6号楼

Chieh Huang, CEO, Boxed & Derek Andersen, Founder, Startup GrindChieh Huang is the CEO and a Co-founder of Boxed Wholesale. Boxed is the wholesale experience for those without the time, means or patience for a brick-and-mortar warehouse club trip. The company currently delivers to anywhere in the ......

Startup Grind Hosts Grant Horsfield (Founder, naked Retreats)

Date : 2015-11-26 ~ 2015-11-26

Location : 上海.黄浦区.徐汇区复兴中路1237号3楼(近襄阳路)

Grant Horsfield, Founder & Chairman, naked Retreats当高天成(Grant Horsfield)在上海度过两年后,城市生活的紧张步调令他窒息,同时也令他倍加怀念家乡的自然之美。这个想法启发了他,2007年他成立裸心集团,希望创造与自然和谐一致的度假村,借由它把人们重新带回自然并欣赏自然界的简约之美,拥抱裸心式生活。现在,他和他的团队把裸心集团带入另一个阶段,从“裸心城堡”到”裸心食集“以及上海最新的联合办公场所”裸心社“(亦是这次活动场地提供方!)高天成的愿景是创造一种人与自然和谐的氛围,让人们尽可能地感受与自然相处的简单之道,及拥抱”裸心“的生......

Startup Grind & Seasky Club Host Vincent Tao (Founder, PPTV + Global Earth)

Date : 2015-12-17 ~ 2015-12-17

Location : 上海.黄浦区.中山南路1029号幸福码头创意园6号楼Video++2层

Vincent Tao, Co-founder / Former CEO of PPTV, Founder of Global Earth (ZZ) Group 陶闯博士,知卓资本与网络创始人,董事长。是中国互联网界一位‘跨界型’传奇人物。兼具有丰富的互联网本土和国际企业操盘经验,连续成功创办多家互联网企业,并作为天使投资人,成功投资多家公司。陶闯是PPTV聚力传媒集团创始合伙人和前CEO,建立了拥有3亿活跃用户的PPTV网络电视互联网企业,是日本软银孙正义直接在华投资的三家企业之一(其中一家是阿里巴巴)。 2001年陶闯在加拿大创办了GeoTango网络地图公司,第一家推出互联网三维地图,比......

Startup Grind & DCCC Host Lars Kolind (Chairman, Jacob Jensen Design)

Date : 2016-01-14 ~ 2016-01-14

Location : 上海.黄浦区.复兴中路1237号

Lars Kolind, Chairman, Jacob Jensen DesignLars is a serial entrepreneur and investor and is currently a Board Member or Chairman at 9 companies. Our discussion with Lars will focus on how to structure an organization to promote innovation and invention. As business executive, Lars turned Oticon into......

Mark Secchia (Founder, Sherpa's)

Date : 2016-03-16 ~ 2016-03-16

Location : 上海.黄浦区.复兴中路1237号,3楼 (近襄阳路)

Mark Secchia, Founder, Sherpa'sMark Secchia is the founder of Sherpa’s Delivery Service. Sherpa’s originally began as an MBA internship project in 1999, when Mark conceived and launched a small company offering call centre and delivery services in Shanghai. Now a company with annual revenues nearing......

Startup Grind Hosts Thibault Villet (Founder & CEO, Mei.com)

Date : 2016-04-26 ~ 2016-04-26

Location : 上海.静安区.泰兴路89号

Thibault Villet, Founder & CEO, Mei.com Mr. Thibault Villet is CEO and founder of Mei.com, a leading Chinese luxury and fashion flash sales retailer. 韦亦博先生是国内领先奢侈品时尚闪购网站魅力惠的CEO与创始人。Operating in China since 2010, Mei.com collaborates with over 2400 international fashion, luxury and lifestyle brands......

Startup Grind Hosts Emma Vanbergen (Co-Founder, BE Education)

Date : 2016-05-26 ~ 2016-05-26

Location : 上海.静安区.泰兴路89号

Emma Vanbergen (Co-Founder, BE Education)After graduating from University, Emma moved to China to set up BE Education with her now husband. BE has since grown in size and scope from a small low-budget startup to one of China's leading education providers. In recognition, BE has been voted ‘China’s B......

Startup Grind hosts Nicolas du Cray (Partner, Cathay Innovation)

Date : 2016-06-23 ~ 2016-06-23

Location : 上海.静安区.泰兴路89号

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Nicolas du Cray, Investment Director, Cathay Innovation‍Nicolas du Cray is the Investment Director of Cathay Innovation, and is focused on the Technology, Media & Telecom (TMT) sector. He is particularly interested in early and growth-stage companies in the mobile Internet, SaaS, big ......

Steven Hoffman (Captain, Founders Space)

Date : 2016-07-12 ~ 2016-07-12

Location : 上海.黄浦区.Naked Hub, 89 Taixing Road, Shanghai

Steven Hoffman (Captain, Founders Space)Steve Hoffman (a.k.a. Captain Hoff) is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and the Captain and Chairman of Founders Space. He has trained and educated hundreds of startup founders around the world.Founders Space is ranked a Top 10 Incubator in Inc. Magazine......

Startup Grind hosts Shaolong Sui (China CEO, ROBOTERRA)

Date : 2016-09-27 ~ 2016-09-27

Location : 上海.静安区.89 Taixing Road

Sign Up to Pitch Your Company at Startup Grind 9/27! Shaolong Sui (Greater China CEO, ROBOTERRA)Shaolong Sui is a Stanford engineering alumni who majored in smart product design. He worked at Tesla in 2012, where he designed the battery pack and testing systems for the Model S. He then joined Apple ......

Startup Grind Hosts Matilda Ho (CEO, Bits x Bites)

Date : 2016-10-20 ~ 2016-10-20

Location : 上海.静安区.naked Hub, 89 Taixing Road, Shanghai

Startup Grind Hosts Matilda Ho (CEO, Bits x Bites)Is it possible to design our way to a better food future? How can a user-centric culture help build a sustainable business that combines purpose and profit while solving food system issues? 通过设计来开创食品未来,到底有没有可能? 用户即为中心的文化趋势,到底能如何帮助可持续企业的建立,并在解决食品系统问题的......

Startup Grind Hosts Howard Donaldson (CEO of Lunar Owl Studios)

Date : 2016-11-23 ~ 2016-11-23

Location : 上海.闵行区.闵行区田林路1036号漕河泾科技绿洲三期16号楼国际孵化联合体

Howard Donaldson, CEO Lunar Owl StudiosHoward is CEO of Lunar Owl Studios, the new venture focused on video games. He has over 20 years’ experience as a senior operating and financial executive at global entertainment and technology companies including Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts Canada, McG......

Startup Grind Hosts Steamboat Venture + DSM + Omnicharge + Constructive.xyz

Date : 2017-01-19 ~ 2017-01-19

Location : 上海.黄浦区.黄陂南路380号新里3楼

The evening will kick off with a workshop on Strategic Imagination by Constructive.xyz and will end with our panel on China's 2017 Innovation Ecosystem with Steamboat Venture, DSM, and Omnicharge!PS: You can also register with Visa or Wechat if you prefer.Join us anytime after 18:30 for a drink, a b......

Startup Grind Hosts Lidan LIU (CEO, designaffairs China)

Date : 2017-03-09 ~ 2017-03-09

Location : 上海.静安区.裸心社@南京路,泰兴路89号5楼,近吴江路

*Tickets also available on Wechat or Visa*Lidan LIU is the CEO of designaffairs China. Upon graduating with a Master Degree in Industrial Design at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Lidan returned to Shanghai and founded XLPLUS Design (2006-2011). In 2011, XLPLUS Design merged with designaffairs Gro......

Startup Grind Hosts Richard Wang (Partner, DFJ Dragon Fund)

Date : 2017-04-03 ~ 2017-04-03

Location : 上海.静安区.裸心社@南京路,泰兴路89号5楼,近吴江路

Richard Wang is a partner at DFJ Dragon Fund, the joint venture between the famous Draper Fisher Jurvetson (www.dfj.com) and Dragon Venture. Headquartered in the Silicon Valley with an office in Shanghai, DFJ Dragon Fund focuses on China-centric early and mid-stage technology companies. DFJ Dragon F......